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Award Winning Secondary Auxiliary Handle

The award-winning HEFT® is the fastest and easiest to use secondary handle, attaching in less than one second to virtually any kind of shovel, rake, broom or similar handled tool making them more ergonomic and easy to use.  By attaching The HEFT® to long shaft winter and garden tools like snow shovels, garden spades and rakes, the tool instantly becomes ergonomic due to the position of The HEFT®, which results in a more upright position of the user.


Ergonomic tools are proven to reduce pain and fatigue as well as lessen the chance of serious injury to the user. The HEFT® has NO moving parts to pinch fingers; NO tools required for attachment; NO nuts, bolts, washers or screws to lose and it's fast. The HEFT® takes up very little room and can easily be hung up in the garage along with other tools, making it one of the most versatile products available.

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Heft Secondary Handle Auxiliary handle Smart Spring
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Economical Gutter Guard Solution

The Wedge Gutter Downspout Gutter Guard™ is an economical, efficient and easy solution to prevent downspouts from and clogs that can cause expensive home repairs. Made in the USA from recycled materials, the Wedge's design causes debris to push up the inclined side, dry off and blow away. It fits standard gutter sizes and requires no tools or special assembly.

Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard Smart Spring
Wedge Gutter Guard Smart Spring

The average home has 200 feet of gutters. The average cost for a complete gutter guard installation is roughly $7.50 to $10 per linear foot. That means $1500 to $2000 to install a complete gutter guard system.

While complete systems do a good job with preventing gutter clutter, affording that type of installation is just not feasible for many. 

The Wedge Gutter Downspout Gutter Guard™ products provide alternative cleaning and maintenance solutions at a fraction of the cost.


The Washbox

The Washbox is a simple and effective solution that we've all been waiting for! Paint clean up has always been a pain, having to clean the sink in addition to the paint rollers and brushes. No more! The Washbox fits inside most sinks, contains the paint for a cleaner cleanup! Its interior ribs help remove paint from the rollers and brushes and makes cleanup infinitely easier! Don't forget to get a Washbox before your next painting project!

  • Clean paint brushes and rollers without making your sink a mess. Let the Washbox get dirty while your sink stays clean!

  • Patented design fits most sinks, allowing water, splatter and paint to skip your sink and head straight to the drain

  • Interior ribs help remove built up paint from brushes and rollers, while filtering the debris straight to the drain.

  • Great for apartments, condos and places where you don't have a utility sink