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                     Irrigation Stake by SmartSpring™

Air, Water and Nutrient Delivery for Healthy Tree Roots

Urban and suburban environments mean compact soils and unnatural conditions for newly planted trees. Happy, healthy trees are possible, but to help them thrive and survive those first three years, young trees need some help to be able to adapt to their new environment. Compact soils mean there is less oxygen flowing, more competition for nutrients and less natural drainage space for water to reach the depths needed in the soil. RootSource Irrigation Stakes help achieve this by providing a channel for air, water and nutrients for roots to grow and establish. Install RootSource Irrigation stakes to help new trees breathe, eat and drink. 

  1. Creates a channel for air, water and nutrients to access the soil where new tree roots need to grow. 

  2. Encourages trees to healthily grow roots outward away from the trunk to help ensure long term survival. 

  3. Trees grow faster, greener and bigger with the assistance of the RootSource Irrigation Stake.  

Nurturing New Trees by Providing a Channel for Food, Air and Water to their roots. 

For trees                 For root balls,
                                bushes or shrubs


Instruction Sheet


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