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Smart Staking Solutions

Smart Spring™ Landscape Stakes are a safer, eco-friendly solution to secure grass seed blanket, turf, sod and landscape fabrics. Smart Spring™ EcoStakes are manufactured using a sugar-cane based resin with barbs that collect soil to ensure they remain in the ground. 

Available in 4 inch or 8 inch sizes.

  1. Secure grass seed blanket, turf, sod, landscape fabric and more

  2. Safer than steel - no more metal in your yard!

  3. Superior Holding Power - ribbed design keeps the stakes where they're meant to be - in the ground.

Biodegradable Stake Smart Spring Ecoduty Ecoturf

Ecoblanket by SmartSpring™ is a single net straw blanket to secure grass seed when reseeding a lawn. Made in the U.S.A., Ecoblanket contains a photodegradable net that will breakdown and biodegrade over time along with the straw. Set it and forget. Planting new grass seed using the contractor-grade blanket has never been easier. Secure using SmartSpring Ecostakes.

1.) 4' by 50' - covers 200 sq. ft.

2.) Made in U.S.A.

3.) Single net straw blanket

Commercial quality sized for the Consumer

Erosion Blanket Straw Blanket Smart Spring Ecoturf

5" Round Top Stake great for securing Weed Barrier, Landscape Fabric, Turf, Sod and more!

  • Safer than metal

  • Ribbed design for extra holding power

  • Circular top that lies flush with the ground and provides coverage to secure the fabric, blanket, turf, sod, etc.

Smart Spring Round Top Stake
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