Smart Spring's RootSource Plant Watering Stake penetrates into the ground to delivery air, water and nutrients into the root zone for plants, flowers, saplings, bushes, shrubs and more. Helping plants eat, drink and breathe with the durable U.S.A. made stake that has a clog free design and open top cap to capture rain and sprinkler water. Soil crust and compact soils make it difficult for water to penetrate into the root zone. Save water. Grow happy plants!

RootSource 4.5" Plant Watering Stake

Pack Quantity
    • Clog-free design channels water, air and nutrients through compact soils and soil crust into the root zone
    • Helps promote healthy root growth by encouraging plants, saplings, flowering annuals, bushes and shrubs to grow roots
    • Accepts nutrient tablets and fertilizers (sold separately) with a cap that is removable
    • Installs in seconds. Place 2 around bushes, saplings or in large containers. Place 1 in each for smaller hanging baskets or containers.

Enhance your relaxation outdoors. Smart Spring™ products help trees grow a little greener, ensure your plants are protected a little better, use water a little wiser and your flowers bloom in ways that are little cooler. Smart Spring™. Products for the Smarter Gardener. 


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