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SteadySpring Smart 30-day Watering Mats are the perfect solution for indoor or outdoor containers. Soak it, Set It and Forget it for 30-days for indoor applications. Outdoors, SteadySpring will recharge itself with rainwater. With 1" of rain or more every 30 days, SteadySpring will irrigate consistently for up to 3 years. SteadySpring contains super absorbent agricultural grade polymers that are food safe and manage water 99% more efficiently than natural means. SteadySpring also works as a weed barrier to prevent weeds and plants from competing for water. Great for container citrus trees, indoor container plants, outdoor hanging baskets, 10 or 12 inch containers. Must use potting soil in any container for SteadySpring to irrigate effectively. Made in U.S.A.

SteadySpring 30-Day Smart Watering Mat for 10",12" and 14" containers

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Indoor or Outdoor irrigation system that will properly irrigate 10 or 12 inch containers up to 3 gallons. Must use potting soil for mat to irrigate properly
    • Travel with ease; let SteadySpring do your watering for you. Lasts up to 30 days indoors and outdoors will last 30 days or longer. Refills with rain - will last up three years with no additional water needed outdoors with 1" of rain!
    • Works as a weed barrier, keeping other weeds and plants from stealing precious water from your plant
    • Great for container trees, indoor container plants, container herbs, container veggies, outdoor hanging baskets, 10 or 12 inch containers.
    • To Charge, Soak for 3-5 hours, Set it and Forget it for 30 days or more. SteadySpring saves you water, stress and frees you up to travel without having to worry about your plants survive!
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