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Let Your Gardening Vision Reach New Heights

Mr Stacky vertical garden stackable garden
smart spring vertical garden

Smart Spring™ Stackable Garden system allows growers from novice to professional levels grow expandable vertical gardens.


With two available sizes - 13" or 18", Smart Spring's Stackable Garden helps you grow more food or flowers in a small space.


Great for hydroponics or for the patio, 
stack 3, 4 or more for fun, easy gardening!


It’s never been so easy to maintain an organic garden or healthy lifestyle. Vertical gardening allows farms and home gardeners to grow more using less space. Whether for the apartment patio, kitchen, backyard greenhouse, small farm, or indoor classroom; these stacking planters can be used by everyone anywhere. Stackable gardens simplify growing food such as strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, and almost anything you can imagine.

Grower Programs Available!

commercial vertical garden Mr Stacky Smart Spring
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