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Grow like a pro. It's easy with Smart Spring!

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Smart Spring™ Ultimate Hanging Garden are fantastic DIY project that allow for planting on the top and the sides of your favorite flower or vegetable plants. Easy, fuss-free planting makes changing your plantings easier than ever. Create professional results with ease. 


Plant strawberries, herbs, peppers and more! Great for small space gardening.  the durable planters are made from 100% recycled resins and UV protected to be used season after season, year after year. Proudly made in the U.S.A..

Smart Spring Hanging Basket Bloem

Grower Programs Available!

Bloem Hanging Planter Smart Spring Strawberry Planter
Ultimate Hanging Garden Promo

Ultimate Hanging Garden Promo

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3000 planters into a nationwide grocer with a 97% sell-thru. The Smart Spring results!


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