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Vertical Garden Living Wall

Smart Spring™ Vertical Gardening Kit is an innovative vertical gardening system that installs in minutes. The brackets will mount to any gutter downspout, front porch post, pergola post, fence post or any number of different vertical structures. 

Secured by mounting ties and an included base bracket (optional use), all of the hardware is included to make gardening easy and fun. 

Grow annuals, herbs, strawberries, veggies, lettuce and more with this Australian-designed, Made In the U.S.A. vertical planter. 

Downsprout Vertical Garden

Downsprout Vertical Garden

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Expandable and Versatile. Tap Into Your Green Side. 

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Vertical Garden Living Wall


Turns an ugly Downspout or Pergola Post into a beautiful vertical garden or living wall

The Vertical Gardening Kit by Smart Spring™ is a multi-tiered hanging vertical garden that can be attached directly to your standard household downspout without the need to physically attach the garden to your external walls (i.e. no drilling, screwing or nailing).

Can be attached in minutes and moved or removed in the same amount of time.

Easy to install 5 minute garden

With no drilling, screwing or nailing, it is quick and easy to install the Vertical Gardening Kit. Simply lock the backing pieces and pots together and use the supplied zip ties to secure to the post or downspout. Expandable! Plant 2, 4 or more!

Proudly Australian Designed and
Now Made in the U.S.A.

Designed in Australia, Smart Spring's Vertical Gardening kit is designed for easy and year-after-year use! Manufactured from exterior grade plastics there is no need to paint or stain and will look great in your garden for years.

Estimated Completion Time: 30 min
  • 1 inch wide board (optional) to act as a spacer

  • 4" Wide Board 8'

  • 2" Wood Screws

  • Drill with 1/4" drill bit

  • Hand Saw

What You Need

Creating a living wall with Smart Spring's Vertical Gardening Kit is easy and requires a little sense of DIY will and a few tools. The great thing is the Vertical Gardening Kit attaches to any 4" wide board, which are found at any big box store that sells lumber - and it's an inexpensive project to build a beautiful living wall!

OPTIONAL: Adding a spacer is optional. It was done here to allow ample space to get the cable tie between the board and existing wall. There probably is enough space without the spacer to slide the tie through. Drill a single hole in the center of the spacer and insert 1 screw to secure it about 3 inches from the top and 1/3 distance from the bottom (2 total spacers)

step 1a.JPG

Drill a pilot hole 1/4" from the edge of the board at the height of each spacer (optional) and insert screws to secure board to wall

step 2.JPG

Secure the brackets to the 

boards with the included cable ties, using two ties per bracket

step 2a.JPG

OPTIONAL: Drill a hole beneath the bottom bracket and insert a screw. This will add extra support to prevent the brackets from sliding if the planters get heavy from large plants and water saturation. 

step 1.JPG

Attach one or both boards to the wall using the screws. Use 2 screws per level with a minimum of two places roughly 1/3 from the top and 1/3 from the bottom to secure the boards

step 4.JPG

Put annuals, strawberries, peppers or other veggies, herbs, succulents are any plants into each planter and then carefully attach to the bracket, making sure the hook is engaged before letting go!

downsprout wall.JPG

ENJOY! Make sure the pots get adequate water. Each pot has a drainage hole and will leak into the bottom levels when saturated. It's best to manually water each pot when it's hot and dry out!

Planting Ideas - Living Wall

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